Saturday, February 21, 2009

His love is...

Like butter
Fattening but delectable
Thick and detectable
Irreplaceable yet debatable whether duplicable
Completely natural

Ooo honey...
Sweet to taste
Palatable paste
of desire, emotion and compassion

His love...
Saturates like chocolate sunshine
infused in strawberry wine
that get's better over time

Hot when heated
The way he looks at me
Umm, umm, umm...
It's unrepeated

His love is...
Tangerine lemons
Fresh cotton and jasmine
Poppy seed warmth
Rain forest mystery and surprise
All wrapped in smooth, melodic flutters
of comfort

His love is...simply beautiful.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Invisible Black

Here one day, washed the next

assumed by some as society's pest

Your inherited hue

seems cursed by most

and you'd rather wear it like an invisible cloak

there but not…

seen but forgot…

…felt and fated

loved but hated…BLACK

as Punaluu sand

beautiful like Nefertiti

but self loathed and cold

like sold old clothes

dismissed of worth but willing to


...a new mold – if told

you were whole

Shamed and blamed

"Blacks need change," you proclaimed.

Never unified

or on our side

because you were

an invisible tide…

riding the waves

of justice, equality and opportunity

Easily swayed with," I'm not like them."

as if

your black was somehow "different."

You can't voice "INJUSTICE" in Jena 6

because in your world, they were suspicious

Your college education

wont alleviate hate

So your invisible cloak

is a joke to folk

who know…negro yo bills past due too.


Black aint ghetto.

Black aint a stereotype.

Black is …black.

Beautiful, complex, solid and completely visible.